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So.. I've noticed a trend in my life lately... I'm bad at portraying my true feelings about situations. Then people misinterpret me and everyone gets the wrong idea.

Obviously I wasn't kidding about being bad at explaining myself. Not an hour after writing this, people have already noted me, lol.
Let's be MORE clear if possible.
-I am not upset. If you want to be upset, be upset. I understand, it's just not the way I will PERSONALLY chose to handle the situation.-

I'm here to be more clear if I can.
1- I am a person who does not involve himself in drama or group politics.

I like to share an opinion or an idea from time to time, but I'm likely one of the first people to avoid confrontations if at all possible, unless they have to do with myself alone.
Our adventuring party is breaking up because of personal differences? Not my problem, I likely wont even be mildly upset.
You attack me directly? Then we have a problem.

2- I am slow to anger or annoy.

It takes a LOT of work to annoy me or get on my bad side, or even to make me upset or sad. I've left the days where I'll invest mass quantities of my time on acquaintances and internet friends with hope of any sort of gain far behind me.
There was a time when I thought that's what I wanted, to give and take from everyone. That's not the way the world works, and I'm cool with that.
So if I say, spent 4 weeks working hard on a comic for a tournament and my opponent doesnt submit anything, or the whole thing collapses just before final round? I don't really care.
I enter these things to write stories. Other people's activity and submissions are basically just a dedicated group I can brainstorm off of to better write my thing.

3- I'm not a quitter. But I don't care if other people quit.

I'm going to finish the story. Whether said ending ends in a fight between Wryn, Kat and Moon, or just having Wryn accept that Kern is probably gone, and move on with her life, as is in her character to do, I haven't decided.
But I will finish this up.

If anyone quits, fails to submit, up and dissapears, or beats me in a round, whatever! If people can't handle life as it hit's you in the short span of a year without judging people for their life decisions, and getting all up in arms about it, life is going to be an uphill battle.
Ya'll need to chill out.
Just keep doing your thing. If you can't handle a massive chunk of side plot going missing, it's time to get your creativity cap on and figure it out.

I'm not upset. Just disappointed.


Artist | Professional | Varied
Currently residing in Japan.
Dual citizen of Brazil and USA.

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